Tame Impala Matt Sav SYNTK
All our customers are asked if they will fill our satisfaction form when they have been driving with us. All answers are registered and shown online at once. These are the results for the last month:
Were you satisfied with the information received when booking the coach?
Yes 97%
Did you receive an order confirmation consistent with your wishes?
Yes 93%
Coach arrived at the agreed time?
Yes 92%
Was the coach as you wished?
Yes 94%
Was the driver friendly and presentable?
Yes 98%
Was the driver in control of the route?
Yes 93%
Did the driver drive comfortably?
Yes 98%
Were you satisfied with the service in the coach?
Yes 96%
Would you book a coach with us again?
Yes 96%
Were you informed about the possibiliy to book a VIP coach?
Yes 30%
Did you see our safety video on the coach?
Yes 26%
Would you recommend us to others?
Yes 95%